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Thread: Official Announcement for Latest Feedback About POCO F1!

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    Post Official Announcement for Latest Feedback About POCO F1!

    Official Announcement for Latest Feedback About POCO F1!

    Note: This update will be skiped next week due to holiday. Meanwhile, we will still follow up resolving all the issues that POCO & POCOPHONE user reported. Thanks for your understanding.

    POCO & POCOPHONE In progress:

    1. Touch lag and wrong touch issue
    We have released an optimized open beta. Please get update and share us your feedback.

    The issue has been well optimized in the latest open beta, we are running validation for stable ROM and will release it soon.

    2. ‘OK Google’ does not work in some scenario
    It is reported that ‘OK Google’ may not work properly when connected to Bluetooth. We are working with Google on this issue.

    3. Take too long to take photos when flash light is on
    Our camera team is fixing the issue. At the same time we are optimizing the overall camera experience of POCO.

    4. Notification dismissed from status bar, expect to keep notification showing in status bar
    We will provide an option in settings, which allow notifications be fixed on status bar. It is under development.

    5. 4K 60FPS recording
    Development done. Working on performance optimization before release.

    6. Support Widevine L1
    We are now working with partners for Widewine L1 certification.

    Feedback History
    1. Suggest to support customize app icon size and desktop grid on POCO Launcher
    Done, update launcher from Google Play and it’s there.

    2. Status bar - no notifications app icons display
    Finished. Please try on the beta version (MIUI 10 Global 8.10.17). You can turn on this feature like 'Settings-Notifications & Status bar-Show Icons for incoming notifications'

    The App icons will display in 2 scenarios: after unlock the phone or receive the notifications.

    3. Time and Weather overlapping on the notification tray
    Already fixed in MIUI 10 for POCO.

    4. Allow face unlock in app lock
    We have plan to support face unlock in app lock. Our Dev team is researching on it.

    5. Asphalt 8 and 9 are not compatible on Google Play
    Resolved. Now enjoy driving!

    6. Battery icon displays with wrong pattern when charging
    Resolved, development version users can check it now and feedback to us.

    7. MIUI 10 for POCO
    Full released.

    8. Support Dark mode in POCO launcher
    Now you can update POCO launcher which supports Dark mode from Google Play.

    9. Released Android Pie stable version this week.

    It includes below updates:
    1. Add Google Lens support;
    2. Fix settings for turning off screen automatically couldn't be used;
    3. Fix microphone didn't work after earphones had been connected;
    4. Fix Issues with Android Auto

    10. Wrong behavior of auto-brightness that leads to display flickers
    We have optimised it in open beta.

    11. Apps show in fullscreen mode
    Released in open beta. Tap the new button added in navigation bar to switch between display modes. If you are a full screen gesture user, please change the settings in ‘Settings -> Full screen display -> Fullscreen mode’

    12. Cannot connect to SIM data automatically after turning off Wifi sometimes
    We have resolved this issue in open beta. And we will check if the problem is still existed.

    13. Support app badget with notification count
    Beta released on Google Play. Full release will be coming soon.

    14. Support hidding notch option
    We have added ‘hide notch’ option back in Settings in open beta.

    15. Support recording native sounds when using screen recorder
    It has been done and released in latest open beta.

    16. Battery drainning issue of Android P
    We have optimized it in open beta and will keep pay attention on this issue.
    It would be very helpful if POCO fans could share us more log info via ‘Settings -> Feedback’ if you have this issue.

    Source : MIUI Official Team

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