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Thread: Xiaomi Discontinuing Acconut Protection[Report]

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    Xiaomi Discontinuing Acconut Protection,MIUI Forum administrator Elaine2046 reporting he got mail with subject "You won't be able to lock devices anymore".
    The goal of sending this email was to inform that our account protection features got a major upgrade and some features related to locking trusted devices were removed as unnecessary. Your account was, is, and will be protected.

    Here are the answers to some questions you might have for us.

    Q1: What is"Account protection" and what did this feature do?
    A: "Account protection" was the feature in the Alpha and Beta versions of MIUI. It was used by approximately 300,000 people. The feature became available in the times when you couldn't login to your account using SMS, and users had tore strict access to their accounts on untrusted devices to avoid exposing their data to strangers who might have stolen their password. In other words, you had to use an SMS verification code whenever you logined on a new device.

    Q2: Why is this feature discontinued?
    A: Now you can login to your Mi Account using SMS. Besides that, our security standards have become higher: whenever someone tries to login on a new device or from anunusual location, 2-step authentication will be required. After careful evaluation, we decided that using two sets of similar security features is unnecessary, and decided to focus on improving the latest tools while discontinuing obsolete ones.

    Q3: How will you be affected by this change?
    A: Will not. The old "Account protection" feature will go offline on January 31, 2019. Meanwhile, new security tools are already protecting your account.

    Removing "Account protection" from the Settings app doesn't mean that your account won't be protected. We'll just switch to more efficient and sophisticated security tools.​

    Source: MIUI Official Forum

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