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Thread: Instant camera?

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    Instant camera?

    For a long time, I've been thinking about buying an instant camera. I'm not a profesional photographer, but I like sometimes to take pictures and print them or gift them to my friends. I also was wondering about the paper and the ink. Are they expensive and can I find them online or in shops now?

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    Hello markkus
    My friends bought me an instamax compatible Leica for my birthsday and it is absolutely fantastic. The pictures she is taking are fantastic, such a great insight into a little persons life!
    You can also find an instant camera pretty much anywhere (Polaroid 600s like this one are some of the most common ones you can find in shops)...
    I think you can buy instant film from online shops, and depending on where you live, it may also be quite easy to find a shop that is selling instant films. I am not sure about the price tho...

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