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Thread: Samsung A20 Unlock Google Account – Android 10

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    Samsung A20 Unlock Google Account – Android 10

    Google has provided the new FRP feature with the religious of Android lollipop 5.0 OS. The summarization of factory reset protection is FRP and it basically protects Android users’ personal data and Privacy during thefts.

    When you set up a Google account on your device FRP is automatically activated. But in case, if you have lost your Google account credentials then FRP may become trouble for you.

    After performing a factory data reset, you have to log in with the same Google ID and password that you set up earlier on the device. In case, if your Samsung A20 stuck at the FRP lock verification screen, Then BYPASSFRPFILES.COM will give you an extraordinary way to bypass google account lock from your device.

    The Samsung A20 FRP Unlock process has become very challenging, Also you can use any compatible FRP bypass tool apk according to your phone to unlock FRP, and here I share the latest FRP Bypass process to bypass FRP lock from your device.

    • First, Power ON your Samsung A20 and connect your phone to a working wi-fi networks.
    • Go to the Google Account verification screen.
    • Click on gear (Settings) icon.
    • Tap Keyboard layout & feedback.
    • Select Key-tap feedback.
    • Tap Sound & Vibration => Ringtone => Sim 1=> tap “+” sign => Search.
    • Tap on a MIC icon a few times and insert a PIN-enabled SIM card.
    • Remove the SIM card.
    • Swipe the screen and click the lock icon at the same time
    • Now swipe the “Not Signed In” Notification and then click on the Settings icon.
    • Select Media from the Notification bar.
    • After clicking the Media option it will slow your device for a few minutes.
    • Click on the SmartThings icon.
    • Then update the Galaxy Store.
    • Once updated it will redirect you to the Google Account Verification screen page again.
    • Again follow the above process to get the Notification Bar.
    • Tap on Media again => Tap Galaxy Store icon.
    • Now you can access the SmartThings.
    • Search and install Samsung Smart Switch and Open it on your phone.
    • Now you need another smartphone to switch your Google Account.
    • On the 2nd phone goto => Settings =>> Accounts & Backup =>> Smart Switch. (if it Samsung phone)
    • Download Smart Switch. (If you are using any other Android phone)
    • Open Smart Switch on both phones.
    • Tap Allow.
    • On the 2nd phone, click Send.
    • Connect USB Cable both devices (use OTG to connect both phones).
    • On the FRP lock phone, Click Allow=>> Choose What to bring =>> Select Settings and Home Screen =>> Click Transfer.
    • Now on the other phone click Copy=>> It will transfer your account to the FRP lock phone.
    • On the FRP lock phone, a popup will open, type the GMAIL Password =>> Sign in.
    • Wait for complete copying your stuff.
    • Once completed, click GO TO Home Screen.
    • Restart & Setup your Samsung phone.
    • That’s it.

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    all this is done much easier, using a computer and a program Easy Samsung FRP Tool 2020 v1.

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