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Thread: Secret Tool Pro Updates & Supported Models List

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    new Secret Tool Pro Updates & Supported Models List

    Secret Tool Pro Updates & Supported Models List

    What is Secret Tool Pro?

    Secret Tool v1.2 Released

    Vivo List Supported:

    V3 MAX PD1523F
    V3 PD1524F
    V5 PLUS PD1624F
    V7 PD1718F
    V7 PLUS PD1708F
    V9 PD1730F
    V9 YOUTH PD1730BF
    X5 PRO PD1421F
    X9 PD1616
    XPLAY5 PD1522A
    Y35 PD1502F
    Y37 PD1503F
    Y51-Y51L PD1510F
    Y53 PD1628F
    Y55S PD16128F
    Y55-Y55L PD1613F
    Y65 PD1621BF
    Y71 PD1731F

    Mi Xioami
    Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI
    Supported Tested Model:

    Pocophone F1
    Mi8 Dipper
    Note 5
    Note 5 Plus
    Redmi Plus
    Redmi Note 5 whyred
    S2 Y2
    Mi Mix 2
    Mi Max 2s
    Redmi 6pro
    Mi note LTE

    Mi Xioami FRP
    Supported List:

    Mi5 gemini
    Mi5s capricorn
    Mi5s plus natrium
    Mi5x tyffany
    Mi6 sagit
    Mi Max 2 oxygen
    Mi Max 32gb hydrogen
    Mi Max 64gb helium
    Mi Mix2 chiron
    Mi Mix lithium
    Mi Note 2 scorpio
    Mi Note 3 jason
    Redmi4 prada
    Redmi4 Prime Markw
    Redmi4A Rolex
    Redmi4x santoni
    Redmi5 rosi
    Redmi 5 Plus vince
    Redmi 5A riva
    Redmi Note 4x mido
    Redmi Note 5 Pro whyred
    Redmi Note 5A ugglite
    Redmi Note 5A Prime

    Huawei OLD Security Level FRP

    Huawei Honor 9 Lite Dual LLD-L21
    Huawei G8 RIO-LO1
    Huawei 5c Pro
    Honor 5A CAM-AL00
    Honor 5A CAM-CL00
    Honor 5A CAM-L03
    Honor 5A CAM-L03E
    Honor 5A CAM-L21
    Honor 5A CAM-L22
    Honor 5A CAM-L23
    Honor 5A CAM-L32
    Honor 5A CAM-L53
    Honor 5A CAM-TL00
    Honor 5A CAM-TL00E
    Honor 5A CAM-TL00H
    Honor 5A CAM-U22
    Honor 5A CAM-UL00
    Honor 5A CAM-UL00E
    Honor 5C NEM-AL00
    Honor 5C NEM-AL10
    Honor 5C NEM-L21
    Honor 5C NEM-L22
    Honor 5C NEM-L31
    Honor 5C NEM-L51
    Honor 5C NEM-TL00
    Honor 5C NEM-TL00H
    Honor 5C NEM-UL10
    Honor 5X KIW-AL10
    Honor 5X KIW-AL10G
    Honor 5X KIW-AL20
    Honor 5X KIW-CL00
    Honor 5X KIW-L21
    Honor 5X KIW-L22
    Honor 5X KIW-L23
    Honor 5X KIW-L24
    Honor 5X KIW-TL00
    Honor 5X KIW-TL00H
    Honor 5X KIW-UL00
    Honor 6A DLI-AL10
    Honor 6A DLI-L22
    Honor 6A DLI-L42
    Honor 6A DLI-TL20
    Honor 6X BLN-AL10
    Honor 6X BLN-AL10A
    Honor 6X BLN-AL10B
    Honor 6X BLN-AL10C
    Honor 6X BLN-L21
    Honor 6X BLN-L21HN
    Honor 6X BLN-L22
    Honor 6X BLN-L22HN
    Honor 6X BLN-L23
    Honor 6X BLN-TL00
    Honor 6X BLN-TL10
    Honor 7 Lite NEM-L21
    Honor 7i ATH-AL00
    Honor 7i ATH-CL00
    Honor 7i ATH-TL00
    Honor 7i ATH-TL00H
    Honor 7i ATH-UL00
    Honor 7i ATH-UL01
    Honor 7i ATH-UL06
    Honor 7i ATH-UL11
    Honor 7i ATH-UL16
    Honor 7X BND-L21
    Honor 7X BND-L22
    Honor 7X BND-L24
    Honor 7X BND-L31
    Honor 7X BND-L32
    Honor 7X BND-L34
    Honor 8 FRD-AL00
    Honor 8 FRD-AL00A
    Honor 8 FRD-AL10
    Honor 8 FRD-DL00
    Honor 8 FRD-L02
    Honor 8 FRD-L04
    Honor 8 FRD-L09
    Honor 8 FRD-L19
    Honor 8 FRD-TL00
    Honor 8 Youth Edition PRA-AL00
    Honor 9 STF-AL00
    Honor 9 STF-AL10
    Honor 9 STF-AL20
    Honor 9 STF-L09
    Honor 9 STF-L14
    Honor 9 STF-L19
    Honor 9 STF-L29
    Honor 9 STF-L39
    Honor 9 STF-TL10
    Honor 9 Lite LLD-L21
    Honor 9 Lite LLD-L22
    Honor 9 Lite LLD-L31
    Honor 9 Lite LLD-L32
    Honor 9 Lite LLD-TL10
    Honor 9 Youth LLD-AL00
    Honor 9 Youth LLD-AL10
    Honor 9i RNE-L22
    Honor 10
    Honor Play
    Honor Changwan 7C LND-AL30
    Honor Changwan 7C LND-AL40
    Honor Changwan 7C LND-TL00
    Honor Changwan 7C LND-TL10
    Honor Changwan 7C LND-TL40
    Honor Changwan 7X BND-AL00
    Honor Changwan 7X BND-AL10
    Honor Changwan 7X BND-TL10
    Honor Magic NTS-AL00
    Honor Note 8 Premium Edition EDI-AL10
    Honor Note 8 Standard Edition EDI-DL00
    Honor V8 KNT-CL00
    Honor V8 Premium Edition KNT-AL20
    Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-AL10
    Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-L09
    Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-TL10
    Honor V8 Standard Edition KNT-UL10
    Honor V9 DUK-AL10
    Honor V9 DUK-AL20
    Honor V9 DUK-AL30
    Honor V9 DUK-L09
    Honor V9 DUK-TL30
    Honor 10
    Ascend XT H1611
    Diego DIG-AL00
    Diego DIG-L01
    Diego DIG-L03
    Diego DIG-L21
    Diego DIG-L22
    Diego DIG-L23
    Diego DIG-TL10
    dtab d-01k HDN-L1J
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-AL00
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L01
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L02
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L03
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L21
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L22
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L23
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-L53
    Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-TL10
    Enjoy 7S FIG-AL00
    Enjoy 7S FIG-AL10
    Enjoy 7S FIG-TL00
    Enjoy 7S FIG-TL10
    Enjoy 8 LDN-AL00
    Enjoy 8 LDN-AL10
    Enjoy 8 Plus FLA-AL20
    Enjoy 8 Plus FLA-L03
    Enjoy 8 Plus FLA-L21
    Florida FLA-AL00
    Florida FLA-AL10
    Florida FLA-TL00
    Florida FLA-TL10
    G10 RNE-AL00
    G10 Plus RNE-AL00
    GR5 BLL-L22
    GT3 NMO-L01
    GT3 NMO-L02
    GT3 NMO-L03
    GT3 NMO-L21
    GT3 NMO-L22
    GT3 NMO-L23
    GT3 NMO-L31
    GT3 NMO-L51
    Huawei G9 Plus MLA-TL00
    Huawei G9 Plus MLA-TL10
    Huawei G9 Plus MLA-UL00
    Huawei Nova 2s HWI-AL00
    Huawei Nova 2s HWI-TL00
    Huawei Sensa 4G LTE H715BL
    Huawei Straight Talk H715BL H715BL
    Maimang 5 MLA-AL00
    Maimang 5 MLA-AL10
    Maimang 5 MLA-CL00
    Maimang 6 RNE-AL00
    Mate RS
    Mate 10 ALP-AL00
    Mate 10 ALP-L09
    Mate 10 ALP-L29
    Mate 10 ALP-TL00
    Mate 10 Lite RNE-L01
    Mate 10 Lite RNE-L02
    Mate 10 Lite RNE-L03
    Mate 10 Lite RNE-L21
    Mate 10 Lite RNE-L23
    Mate 10 Pro BLA-A09
    Mate 10 Pro BLA-AL00
    Mate 10 Pro BLA-L09
    Mate 10 Pro BLA-L29
    Mate 10 Pro BLA-TL00
    Mate RS
    MATE 9 MHA-AL00
    MATE 9 MHA-AL10
    MATE 9 MHA-AL10A
    MATE 9 MHA-AL10B
    MATE 9 MHA-AL10C
    MATE 9 MHA-L09
    MATE 9 MHA-L09B
    MATE 9 MHA-L29
    MATE 9 MHA-L29B
    MATE 9 MHA-TL00
    MATE 9 MHA-TL00A
    Mate 9 Lite BLL-L23
    MATE 9 Pro LON-AL00A
    MATE 9 Pro LON-AL00B
    MATE 9 Pro LON-AL00C
    MATE 9 Pro LON-AL00D
    MATE 9 Pro LON-CL00B
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L09A
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L09B
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L29A
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L29B
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L29C
    MATE 9 Pro LON-L29D
    MATE 9 Pro LON-TL10B
    MediaPad M2 M2-A01L
    MediaPad M2 M2-A01w
    MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-701L
    MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-703L
    MediaPad M2 7.0 PLE-703LT
    MediaPad M2 8.0 Pro JDN-L01
    MediaPad M3 BTV-DL09
    MediaPad M3 BTV-W09
    MediaPad M3 Lite HDN-L09
    MediaPad M3 Lite HDN-W09
    MediaPad M3 Lite 10 BAH-AL00
    MediaPad M3 Lite 10 BAH-L09
    MediaPad M3 Lite 10 BAH-W09
    MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 CPN-AL00
    MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 CPN-L09
    MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 CPN-W09
    MediaPad M5 SHT-AL09
    MediaPad M5 PRO CMR-AL19
    MediaPad M5 WiFi SHT-W09
    Monet MON-L19
    Monet MON-W19
    nova CAN-AL00
    nova CAN-AL10
    nova CAN-L1
    nova CAN-L11
    nova CAN-L12
    nova CAN-L13
    nova CAN-L2
    nova CAN-L3
    nova CAN-TL10
    nova CAN-TL20
    nova CAZ-AL00
    nova CAZ-AL10
    Nova 2 PIC-AL00
    Nova 2 PIC-CL00
    Nova 2 PIC-CL10
    Nova 2 PIC-L09
    Nova 2 PIC-L29
    Nova 2 PIC-TL00
    Nova 2 Lite LDN-L22
    Nova 2 Lite LDN-L23
    Nova 2 Lite LDN-L29
    Nova 2 Lite LDN-LX2
    Nova 2 Plus

    OPPO Supported:

    Network Unlock No Need Downgrade Instant Direct Unlock
    Enable Diag Old and New Oppo

    NEW Oppo A7
    Oppo A3s
    Oppo A83
    Oppo Ax5
    Oppo A5
    Oppo A71
    OPPO R11s
    Oppo Realme 1
    Oppo Realme 2
    Oppo F3
    Oppo F1s
    Oppo F1f
    Oppo F7
    Oppo F7 Youth
    Oppo F9
    Oppo F9 pro

    Supported List:

    R9s CPH1607
    R9s Plus CPH1611
    F3 Plus CPH1613
    A57 CPH1701
    R11 CPH1707

    v Samsung & Mi Account Bypass (adb)
    vSamSung Frp (Adb + DM)
    vSamsung Baseband Repair (Adb + DM)
    vSamsung SN Repair (Adb)


    More Update to come....

    Fast Update!!!

    If have some Bugz just kindly send us to fix it

    Lifetime to use with Free 1 Year Update

    Tested Model Done by Client

    Pocophone F1 Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI


    Redmi6a Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI

    Mi 5x Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI

    Redmi4a Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI

    Redmi6 Pro Mi Account Relock After Connect WIFI

    OPPO F9 PRO CPH1881 Network Unlock Done

    OPPO Realme 2 RMX1805 Network Unlock Done

    OPPO A3s CPH1853 Network Unlock Done

    OPPO A83 CPH1827 Network Unlock Done

    HUAWEI P9 plus FRP Done

    Huawei Y6ll CAM-L21 FRP


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