How To Change Samsung Carrier

1. Download Factory Binary, G950U, and the G950W firmware.
2. Turn off phone
3. Hold down on Bixby button + power + volume down
4. open Odin v3.12.7
5. add the Factory Binary to the AP section of Odin.
6. Plug your phone into your computer (NEEDS TO BE WINDOWS) with Odin open
7. Make sure your device is connected and recognized by Odin.
8. Click start.
9. One the phone reboots run the ADB command, adb reboot bootloader
10-12: Deleted because if redundence
13. Put the HOME_CSC of the G950W firmware into the CSC part of Odin (modded)
14. Click start
15. Open IME setting on Factory Binary
16. Type in *#243203855#
17. Select XAC
18. Click install
19. Wait for phone to reboot
20. Once it does open terminal and type in adb shell
21. Then type in echo "XXX" > /efs/imei/mps_code.dat
22. Type in exit into adb shell
23. Type in adb reboot bootloader
24. Flash the G950U firmware of your choosing without Userdata. Also make sure to flash the non-home CSC
25. Enjoy your new carrier!

CSC Values (replace on of these with the "XXX" in step 21):
BST Boost
VZW Verizon
USC US Cellular
ACG C Spire
VMU Virgin Mobile
TFN Tracfone
XAS Sprint
TMB T-Mobile
XAA Unlocked US
SPR Sprint
CCT Xfinity Mobile

Don't entirely know which ones these are:
GCF World Wide
ACG Some Mid West Carriers
LRA A bunch, cant figure it out