Section Terms & Conditions *** Read Before you Post ** Updated 2014-12-01

[1] This is not a Sales Section for advertising. Prices, discounts or Promotions are not allowed and any thread with currency signs (, $, ..etc) shown in the post will cause the whole thread to be deleted immediately.

[2] The Section is created specially for IMEI Factory Providers to announce releasing their technical updates and code provisions.

[3] Code Providers should create a thread if the IMEI code is available, and also if the service Stopped.

[4] To avoid any mistakes or deletion of your thread,, your Thread title should be written as:
[Phone Model or Provider Name], [delivery time], [website Name (should have a section in Software or online Server Products)].

[5] Titles Like "AGAIN World 1st Update....." , or "AGAIN XYZ TEAM DID IT .......", "MEGA MEGA Update......" will be deleted without any notification.

[6] to guarantee our section credibility, only Product Supports, and few selective members would be able to create threads in that section. (Permissions modified)

[7] It's not allowed to Post any news for other products. only Product Managers/Supporters are the only responsible persons to post their updates.

[8]Only Supporters who run an official Sections are allowed to post thier News.

[9]Phone Number, Reseller Names or Contact Person Names are not allowed, thread with any contact details or contacts link will be deleted immediately.

[10]The section created for true and real News, .. Fake updates or promises only, will cause a ban for 7 days.

[11]Any Product is allowable for one thread per 24 hour period , any existing threads for the same Update in the same day will be deleted.

Best Regards Gsm Firmwares Team