Miracle Falcon Box
Next Generation Repair Tool
Miracle Falcon Motorola v3.0 (Thunder Edition)

[+] Can Available on Miracle key & Thunder Need Activation

Motorola Service Pack V3.0 Released #Worlds First#


[+] ***Motorola One Click Network Repair***

[+] Motorola XT-1068
[+] Motorola XT-1541
[+] Motorola XT-1550
[+] Motorola XT-1562
[+] Motorola XT-1602
[+] Motorola XT-1609
[+] Motorola XT-1622
[+] Motorola XT-1635
[+] Motorola XT-1640
[+] Motorola XT-1642
[+] Motorola XT-1643
[+] Motorola XT-1650
[+] Motorola XT-1675
[+] Motorola XT-1676
[+] Motorola XT-1677
[+] Motorola XT-1684
[+] Motorola XT-1686
[+] Motorola XT-1767
[+] Motorola XT-1794
[+] Motorola XT-1801
[+] Motorola XT-1803

[+] ***Motorola Remove Screen Locks Without Dataloss*** #Worlds First#
Remove Pin, Password, Pattern Locks Without Dataloss
[+] Motorola New Frp Removal Method
[+] Motorola Force boot Diag,Factory.. Option
[+] Motorola Manual/Auto Boot Repair Blank-Flash*
[+] Fixed Minor Gui Errors

About Motorola Pack

Motorola Qualcomm Devices

Read Device Info
Normal Mode
Ap Fastboot Mode
Diag Mode

Direct Unlock Most Moto Qcom Devices
Direct Unlock Most Moto Sprint Devices without root
Reset Security

Imei Repair 2 Methods
Moto Method
Generic Qcom Method
Write Meid (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
Write Esn (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
Write Spc (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
Reset Spc (Moto Method or Qcom Method)
Meid to Esn Converter

Read Qcn
Write Qcn

Read Efs
Restore Efs
Reset Efs

Moto Mtk Android Devices

Imei Repair
Direct Unlock

Misc Tab

Enable adb
2 Different Methods
Factory Mode or Fastboot Mode
2017 Latest Patch Motorola Enable Adb

Frp Reset
3 Different Methods (Old Security/New Security/Fastboot Method)

Enable Diag (Need Root)

Factory Reset
Normal Mode
Fastmode Mode

Reset Screen locks
Normal Mode / Custom Recovery Mode

One Click Reboot tool
Reboot to Factory Mode from Fastboot Mode
Fix Factory Mode

Bootloader Tool

Get Unlock Data

Factory Flasher

Ability to Direct Flash Factory Firmwares
Zip or Firmware xml Files
Ability to Select Partitions
Md5 Checksum
Check and Compare Directly All Files in Flash Package

Ability to Generate Flashing Script* Worlds first
Firmware zip or xml to bat

Manual Flasher with Erase and boot options

Sideload and Recovery mode flasher

Motorola Mtk One Click Frp Remove
-No Need Root
-No Need Enable Adb
Added Motorola Mtk Flashing
-Direct Flash Scatter File

More to come ................
this is just start
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