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Thread: EFT Dongle Version 2.7 Is Released Added more features 20/04/2019

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    sahm EFT Dongle Version 2.7 Is Released Added more features 20/04/2019

    EFT Dongle New Update 20/04/2019
    Software V2.7
    What is New ?
    [GENERAL] Updated EFT-SU to version 3.14 with new features:
    -- [SAMSUNG] Added support to bypass all AVB protections on (SYSTEM - ODM - PRODUCT - VENDOR)
    partitions that presented in Samsung 9.0

    [HUAWEI] Added support to (Reset FRP - UnBrick) devices in Test Point mode:
    Huawei P20 Pro
    Huawei Nova 4
    Huawei P20
    Huawei Nova 3
    Huawei Mate 10 Pro
    Huawei Mate 10
    Huawei Mate RS Porsche
    Huawei Mate 10 Porsche
    Huawei Honor 8 Lite
    Huawei GR5 2017
    Huawei P9 Lite 2017
    Huawei Nova Lite
    Huawei Mate 9 Lite
    Huawei Honor 6X
    Huawei P8 Lite 2017
    Huawei Mate 9
    Huawei P10
    Huawei P10 Plus
    Huawei Honor 9
    Huawei Mate 9 Pro
    Huawei Honor 8 Pro
    Huawei nova 2s
    Huawei Mate 9 Porsche
    Huawei P20 Lite
    Huawei Honor 9 Lite
    Huawei P smart
    Huawei Mate 10 Lite
    Huawei Honor 9N
    Huawei Honor 7X
    Huawei Y9 2018
    Huawei nova 2
    Huawei nova 2 Plus

    [AllWinner] Added support to A31 CPU with the following features:
    -- Read info
    -- Reset ScreenLock - Supported Encrypted data
    -- Factory Reset
    -- Read / Write Flash

    [SAMSUNG] [EXCLUSIVE] Added more supported models to ONE-CLICK feature to remove
    (FRP - Reset ScreenLock - CALL ME - SAMSUNG ACCOUNT - MDM ) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):

    SM-G9350 U3 8.0.0
    SM-G9300 U3 8.0.0
    SM-A710F U2 7.0
    SM-G935S U2 8.0

    [MTK] Added new supported models (Reset FRP - Reset ScreenLock - Dump - Flash):
    GIONEE-A1 (A1 LTE )
    GIONEE-A1 Lite (A1 Lite LTE )
    GIONEE-A1 Plus (A1 Plus LTE )
    GIONEE-D1 (Dream D1 3G )
    GIONEE-E3 (Elife E3 3G )
    GIONEE-E5 (Elife E5 3G )
    GIONEE-E6 (Elife E6 3G )
    GIONEE-E7 Mini (Elife E7 Mini 3G )
    GIONEE-E8 (Elife E8 LTE )
    GIONEE-F100 (F100 LTE )
    GIONEE-F100A (F100A LTE )
    GIONEE-F100B (F100B LTE )
    GIONEE-F100L (F100L LTE )
    GIONEE-F100S (F100S LTE )
    GIONEE-F100SD (F100SD LTE )
    GIONEE-F100SL (F100SL LTE )
    GIONEE-F103 (F103 LTE )
    GIONEE-F103 Pro (F103 Pro LTE )
    GIONEE-F103B (F103B LTE )
    GIONEE-F103BL (F103BL LTE )
    GIONEE-F103L (F103L LTE )
    GIONEE-F103M (F103M LTE )
    GIONEE-F105 (F105 LTE )
    GIONEE-F106 (F106 LTE )
    GIONEE-F106L (F106L LTE )
    GIONEE-F205 (F205 LTE )
    GIONEE-F301 (F301 LTE )
    GIONEE-F303 (F303 LTE )
    GIONEE-F306 (F306 LTE )
    GIONEE-F306L (F306L LTE )
    GIONEE-F5 (F5 LTE )
    GIONEE-G2 (Gpad G2 3G )
    GIONEE-G3 (Gpad G3 3G )
    GIONEE-G3 512 (Gpad G3 512 3G )
    GIONEE-G4 (Gpad G4 3G )
    GIONEE-G5 (Gpad G5 3G )
    GIONEE-GN3003L (GN3003L LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5001 (GoldSteel LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5001L (GoldSteel LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5001S (GoldSteel LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5002 (GN5002 LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5003 (GN5003 LTE )
    GIONEE-GN5005 (GoldSteel 2 LTE )
    GIONEE-M2 4GB (M2 4GB 3G )
    GIONEE-M2 8GB (M2 8GB 3G )
    GIONEE-M3 (Marathon M3 3G )
    GIONEE-M3 Mini (M3 Mini LTE )
    GIONEE-M4 (Marathon M4 LTE )
    GIONEE-M5 (Marathon M5 LTE )
    GIONEE-M5 Plus (Marathon M5+ LTE )
    GIONEE-M5 Plus L (Marathon M5+ L LTE )
    GIONEE-M5 Lite (Marathon M5 Lite LTE )
    GIONEE-M5 Mini (M5 Mini 3G )
    GIONEE-M5L (Marathon M5L LTE )
    GIONEE-M6 Mirror (M6 Mirror LTE )
    GIONEE-P2 (Pioneer P2 3G )
    GIONEE-P2M (Pioneer P2M 3G )
    GIONEE-P2S (Pioneer P2S 3G )
    GIONEE-P3 (Pioneer P3 3G )
    GIONEE-P3S (Pioneer P3S 3G )
    GIONEE-P4 (Pioneer P4 3G )
    GIONEE-P4S (Pioneer P4S 3G )
    GIONEE-P5L (Pioneer PL LTE )
    GIONEE-P5 Mini (Pioneer P5 Mini 3G )
    GIONEE-P5W (Pioneer P5W 3G )
    GIONEE-P6 (Pioneer P6 3G )
    GIONEE-P7 (Pioneer P7 LTE )
    GIONEE-P7 Max (Pioneer P7 Max LTE )
    GIONEE-P8 Max (P8 Max LTE )
    GIONEE-S Plus (Elife S Plus LTE )
    GIONEE-S5 (S5 LTE )
    GIONEE-S5.1L (Elife S5.1L 3G )
    GIONEE-S5.5 (Elife S5.5 3G )
    GIONEE-S6 (S6 LTE )
    GIONEE-S6 Pro (S6 Pro LTE )
    GIONEE-S7 (Elife S7 LTE )
    GIONEE-S10L (S10L LTE )
    GIONEE-V4 (Ctrl V4 3G )
    GIONEE-V4S (Ctrl V4S 3G )
    GIONEE-V5 (Ctrl V5 3G )
    GIONEE-W900 (W900 LTE )
    GIONEE-W900S (W900S LTE )
    GIONEE-W909 (W909 LTE )
    GIONEE-X1 (X1 LTE )

    LAVA-Z61 (Z61 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z91 (Z91 LTE DS)

    TECNO-B1P (pop 2)

    Wiko K200 SUNNY3
    Wiko K300 JERRY3
    Wiko K400 LENNY5


    Please Uninstall the previous version

    And download Full Setup


    Get Now EFT Dongle From Nearest Distrubutor/Reseller Here

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