DC-Phoenix v125 update!
-Version bypass added
-Improved algo for Downgrade/Upgrade
-New option to not reboot after flash
-New FRP bypass files in support
-Now possible automatically or manually save Verlist files on server for program to auto-use them on next flash

In order to downgrade or change firmware it is necessary for server to know current version of your phone.
There are many already uploaded version files on server.
Missing versions will be added automatically while flashing phones as software has an in-built self learning mechanizm.

FRP bypass and downgrade suitable firmwares has "FRP_bypass" words in file names
Note: stock roms may have sub files such as customizaions and preload files that are also necessary for the process.

This downgrade method should work for all Huawei Hisilicon mobiles!

If downgrade is unseccessful, before flashing your phone put a check mark on "update Verlist to server on file load" box,
then load to program all firmware files that are suitable for your mobile.
And only then load firmware you target to downgrade to.

Renewed feature table here

Download here