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Thread: How To Restore Urz IMEI & Fix Corrupted EFS !

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    arrow_2 How To Restore Urz IMEI & Fix Corrupted EFS !

    How To Restore Urz IMEI & Fix Corrupted EFS BY GsmFirmwares Team

    NOTE :
    (* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD Cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about this kernel before following it!
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications.
    * And if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.)

    I have seen people hunting for this and not being able to finding a solution for this. So, I decided to post here!

    This is Strictly for Samsung Devices.

    So, First let us get some terms straight.


    A unique identification number programmed onto your phone. It is required in order to be correctly identified on a mobile network. Without one, you cannot make calls, send SMS or use mobile data. Important stuff.


    A partition on your internal memory containing important data including the IMEI. If the data in this partition gets corrupt, you will lose your IMEI
    0049*** or 0000 IMEI

    A generic IMEI, meaning your real IMEI is not readable, presumably because it is corrupt but there are other reasons too.

    Now, Some FAQ's

    Why Do I have 0000 IMEI?
    Your EFS Partition is Corrupted.
    Whenever you flash a ROM, be that a custom ROM via a custom recovery or an official ROM via Odin, you risk corrupting your /efs partition and losing your IMEI.
    There are 2 main steps to take to try to resolve this
    Restore your EFS from a backup - A logical first step
    No backup? Reflash the latest stock ROM using Odin Or Read This Guide

    Why Does my Internal SD Card Show 0 bytes?
    Your EFS Partition is Corrupted.
    This is the same reason
    Your SDCard Partition may be linked somehow with the EFS Partition

    Why Does my Lockscreen Does Not Work?
    Your EFS Partition is Corrupted.
    This is the same reason
    The Files needed to run the lockscreen are stored in the EFS Partition
    Hence, You Cant use your lockscreen.

    OK, So How do I restore /efs if I dont have a Backup?
    Download EFS-Fix-regalstreak.tar.md5
    Put your phone in Download Mode (Volume down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously)
    Switch Off your Phone
    Press Volume Up to continue when asked
    Download on your PC
    Extract with Winrar and open Odin.exe file (the file with a blue icon)
    Connect Phone to PC with USB Cable
    Wait for some 15 seconds and see if COM(number) port has come in Blue colour
    Select PDA and browse to EFS-Fix-regalstreak.tar.md5
    Click the Flash button
    Wait for it to show RESET in blue colour
    After it shows Reset Disconnect phone from PC by removing USB Cable
    Remove Battery of Phone
    Insert Battery of phone
    Reboot the phone
    After phone reboots, Again switch off the phone
    Once again Start the phone.
    If It Works, Enjoy!
    If it does not work, Again reboot the phone!
    If it still does not work, Feel free to contact me!

    What will this do?

    This will Simply Restore your IMEI and the EFS Files! But, These files are from my phone :P And the IMEI may be different from your original IMEI.

    OK, So what now?

    You can maybe change your IMEI. But as this illegal in some countries, I cant give the procedure here. But You can go Here!

    Please press the thanks button if I helped

    More to be added. Stay tuned Gonna add how to backup efs if you havnt lost it yet

    i hope its helpful 4ALL useres

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